CADISON Release 19 (R19) with Improved User Experience and New Functionality for Better Performance & Accuracy

We have one vision – “To Create and Deliver the Best Integrated Plant Engineering Solution and Services” to help our customers to improve their project planning, investment optimization, risk management, project completion speed and energy efficiency of the plants.

With this vision, we are continuously improving and enhancing CADISON and we are pleased to announce the launch of the new release i.e. CADISON R19. The major focus of CADISON R19 was on improving usability by enhancing the User Experience. This time for R19 development, we took a different approach and spent time to understand the challenges of the Process department and the need-gaps for the CADISON Users. What we have learned – with that we brought a focus on improving the performance of some existing capabilities through technology upgradation and this can be best seen in our Isometrics, Report Generation and Database Cleanup tools. We have improved the UI in Project Engineer & PDM modules.

Our big news in CADISON R19 is the introduction of Process Documentation capability in our P&ID Designer module. This will transform how Process Documentation is done by Process Engineers or by the P&ID Users.

Another substantial addition is the IFC Interface in CADISON R19 to facilitate interoperability in the AEC Industry. IFC addresses the major challenge of the industry- i.e. CAD data exchange irrespective of different file formats of various software between multiple disciplines.

Note: For CADISON® R19 release notes, system requirements, set-up files and installation guide, kindly login to Customer Portal or contact us for more detailed release notes.

Additional highlights of CADISON® R19 at a glance:

  • Faster & Accurate Process Documentation with CADISON P&ID Designer to create multi-page PDF documents
  • Performance (speed) improvement in ‘Report Generator’ to generate complex reports
  • Standardization and Distribution of catalogs across global teams (in the cloud)
  • Technology upgradation in CADISON with I-Configure tool & new CADISON IsoStyle Manager
  • New Cable Tray System with Logical Structure and Automated Cable Routing in CADISON Electrical Designer
  • New Dockable Search and Edit Function in Project Engineer simplifies the CADISON Tree Search and Edit capabilities

To know more technological enhancements and benefits that CADISON® R19 can bring to you, please click Demo Request or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reach us.

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