CADISON R20: Simplify complex processes in Plant Design

With CADISON R20, ITandFactory responds to increased demands of engineers

  • Simplified creation of P&ID‘s
  • Construction set editor for efficient plant design
  • Enhanced IFC interface
  • Improved User Experience

Bad Soden am Taunus, 01 February 2021

Intensive global competition, digitalisation, new working methods and increasing interdisciplinary networking – are the increased requirements that also apply to Plant engineering. The focus of the developers for the new CADISON Release R20 was therefore on simplifying the processes within Plant designing, reducing the manual work steps, minimising errors and thus increasing productivity in engineering while not losing sight of the future needs of the users. 

As a basis for the new release, the developers have analysed the basic engineering - i.e. the creation and editing of P&ID Flow diagrams and P&IDs - in detail for potential for improvement as the P&ID is the Master document for the entire planning and design of a Plant.

Back to basics: P&ID design as the basis for success

"We analyzed ourselves: What do our users really need to better manage the complex steps of P&ID design? Because at the end of the day, it forms the solid basis for planning and designing a system," said Stefan Kraus, Head of Development at ITandFactory. For example: It is not uncommon, that when the schematics are completed in the final phase, the line layout has to be completely changed again. Until now, the engineers had to correct the tagging and labelling manually in the last step. CADISON R20 automatically adjusts the tagging. This not only reduces the error rate significantly but also saves the engineers a lot of time and spare their nerves, especially with comprehensive P&IDs.

Working with Construction sets: Crucial for efficient Plant Design

Another important element for simplified and reduced manual processes is working with Construction sets. They represent standardised units, such as pump groups.
To fully exploit the potential of this way of working, CADISON R20 includes a new editor for the Construction sets. "With the new feature, our users can easily edit the created units," explains Stefan Kraus. "This results in enormous time savings when maintaining existing assemblies. Using the editor, engineers can not only edit the graphical representation for a drawing type (e.g. PID) but they can also add additional graphical representations for other drawing types (e.g. 3D layout plan)." A value addition: the defined Construction sets can be expanded in a targeted and continuous manner - building on what already exists and has been tested in practice. In this way, customers can use them for other projects in the future.

Another step towards BIM for Plant engineering: expansion of the IFC interface

In the previous version, ITandFactory laid the foundation for networked and digitised cooperation between the specialist disciplines beyond Plant designing with the IFC interface. With the IFC interface, there is no longer any need for specifications regarding the software used.
"Based on the feedback from our customers, we have optimized the workflow for this data exchange", explains Kraus.Now CADISON users can predefine the import and export of data and standardise it for recurring processes. Among other things, this facilitates the transfer of up-to-date information to and from client as well as to external planning partners.

Focus on User friendliness

In addition to these improvements, the focus was on “user experience“. An improved display of the relevant information leads to greater planning reliability when synchronising the P&ID and the 3D installation plan. When placing components, the software visualises and compares whether the installation situation in the P&ID corresponds to the installation situation in 3D. Also, the development team has optimised the collaboration in a multi-user environment for enhanced productivity. Hence, changes made on one workstation are also visible on other workstations at the push of a button.

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