Chemical and Petrochemical

Plan, Design, Operate & Maintain your Chemical & Petrochemical Plants with CADISON Integrated Plant Design, Information Management Solution

With CADISON Plant Design solution you can set-up your projects is the fastest way and initiate design activities (Piping, Electrical, etc.) concurrently.

Whether you are expanding, consolidating, upgrading existing processes and unit operations, or establishing new manufacturing assets, you can rely on CADISON’s intelligent & integrated cost-effective plant design solution to help you achieve your business objectives.

Through chemical plant design, construction, and maintenance solutions, leading firms can better design and build plants, thereby assisting in reduced time to market and an optimized supply chain. Our solution-CADISON offer valuable data for clients to build and make plant operational and process chemical products faster.

Output of chemicals in emerging markets is expected to outpace production in developed countries. Thus the importance of bringing new plants in operation more quickly is a major challenge to both plant owners and engineering companies, necessitating continued reductions in project schedules while extending the levels of design integrity, innovation, and design quality.


Our solutions continue to support all key aspects of project execution for the chemical industry, from conceptual plant design, through detailed design and construction, into plant operations and maintenance.

CADISON create an engineering workspace along with Industry standard solutions to optimise workflow and design plants efficiently thereby keeping Total Cost of Ownership low. It provides significant opportunities in reducing errors, saving engineering hours, and lowers costs.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

An intelligent and integrated Plant Information Modeling Solution for Oil & Gas Industry.

Our focus is to maintain a high level of flexibility and client focus and deliver effective CADISON solutions to the oil and gas market.

CADISON has developed core competence in various aspects of engineering across the project lifecycle of Oil & Gas industry. Our multidisciplinary solution comprising Process, Piping, Mechanical, Structural (steel), Electrical & Instrumentation and Pipeline is capable of delivering turnkey engineering and project management solutions to clients

Our solutions help in serving this industry through CADISON engineering solutions combining the engineering workflow from planning, cost estimation, P&ID,3D modeling and visualization applications for error-free deliverables of oil and gas plants in one system.

Our Spec-driven solution offers flexibility with object model customization and central cataloguing system. It ensure existing information is up-to-date and centrally managed through common database, which is accessible to all stakeholders from all locations. Owners can benefit from a centralized source of asset information, such as maintaining effective change control over their valuable plant data.



Improving Engineering Efficiency of Power Plant Design by 30%

Today’s challenges faced by power plant owners, operators and other stakeholders are increasing with global competition, low cost pressures, tighter construction norms, and reduced time-to-market requirements. Innovation in critical technology, efficiency improvement designs, new materials, etc. is a focus for every power & energy company. However, in order to remain competitive, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) plays a key role over the entire Plant Life Cycle and hence efficient plant engineering, process optimization, concurrent workflows, managing complex data and extracting intelligent information becomes critical.

Increase in complexity of plants, volume & redundancy of engineering data (especially in power plants) demands for a process driven integrated technology which would enhance engineering efficiency across the plant life cycle from planning, through design, engineering, construction and up to maintenance phases.

CADISON with it’s intelligent and integrated solution is slated to bring a paradigm shift to help power plant owners and designers to do its project planning, cost estimation and coordinated design by working on an integrated database of Intelligent Objects. CADISON helps in developing a 3D model with engineering attributes providing intelligence across every phase of design and creating standard BTG & balance of plant (BOP) packages thereby improving reusability, standardization & harmonization of engineering data and lower power plant operating costs.


Pharmaceutical Industry

Planning, Design, Documentation and Maintenance of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Plants.

In the pharmaceutical and bio-technological industries, the regulatory requirements for plant documents are particularly high. The time and personnel efforts required for creating these documents are equally intensive. In order to minimize the project duration and effectively adapt to project modifications, CADISON is an efficient tool not only for design and engineering but also for creating qualification and plant documentation as per their customer standards..

More and more customers are using fast-track-projects in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, where tight schedule must be adhered to with pressing deadlines. In order to meet complex requirements in less time and without errors, one needs a reliable database and an integrated data system. Thus, CADISON is the platform for creating and managing documents (concept creation, development, design, procurement, assembly, start-up documentation, qualification, validation documentation and transmission of documents to the customers) which entirely enables all aspects of project management with higher quality.

The designer saves resources, time, and cost and improves the quality..

Even after delivery, the documentation is required for maintenance service and expansions and needs to be maintained. With CADISON all the documents remains up-to-date over the entire life-cycle.. The regulatory requirements for quality and documentation management in the pharmaceutical Industry are increasingly harmonized at international level (for e.g. FDA, EMEA, etc.) and with that converted to national guidelines. Important regulations are for e.g.

  • ISPE guidelines for Good Engineering Practice (GEP) as well as commissioning & qualification
  • STM E2500 (Standard guide for specifications, design and verification of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing systems and equipments
  • ICH-Q10 for GMP compliance
  • ASME BPE-2009 Bioprocess Equipment

Our solutions offer you design and installation of clean-in-place (CIP) systems often in constrained locations of facilities to help achieve effective and easily validated cleaning methods thereby assisting FDA inspections of cleaning processes.


Food and Beverage

Maximizing Efficiency in Food and Beverage Plants

CADISON enables design of fast-track, new facilities, upgrades, expansions, sanitary design and processes in Food and Beverages Industry. Operations efficiency, safety & hygiene, and low capital costs are typical elements of any Food and Beverage projects. Further, it is important to design and build projects more effectively, manage plant data, improve materials management processes, and enhance overall manufacturing plant efficiency.

CADISON combines the entire engineering workflow in one system. The solution is flexible, enabling users to adapt its own workflow as well as catalogs, which can be modified quickly and efficiently to meet the company standards.

Our plant design solutions help clients bring new facilities into production on time and within budget ensuring them with an ability to integrate plant design model data within extended business systems used by F&B Manufacturers. The CADISON databases contain valuable inventory data needed for maintenance purposes or expansion needs that should be made available to plant operators.

Food and Beverage

Equipment manufacturers use their own manufacturing catalogs to offer a customised multidisciplinary solution to their customers. These companies must always show the identification / designations (Tagging) of systems/ CADISON supports in the definition of these standards. As certain areas of plant are often very similar or same, re-usability of data is becoming increasingly important in project implementations.

Our solutions enhance the design engineering process through integrated analysis with plant design to allow designers and engineers to work more closely together and share information back and forth. This contributes to reduced error, saves engineering labour hours, and lowers costs.

Water & Wastewater

Water & Wastewater

Technological solution to design, build and operate industrial water treatment networks and projects.

CADISON enables users to provide sustainable, innovative and environment friendly water & wastewater treatment solutions. Various sectors such as Utilities, municipalities, and engineering firms trust CADISON as a reliable, resource-saving, decision-support tool for their water segment.

The tools used for water and wastewater treatment plants for creating flow diagrams, 3D Modeling and representation of 3D Plant to owner /operator should be simple and efficient. With CADISON, users can create clash-free models with effective space planning.

Our solutions enhance the design engineering process through integrated analysis with plant design to allow designers and engineers to work more closely together and share information back and forth.

Type of plants:

  • Desalination Through Reverse Osmosis Membranes
  • Advanced Oxidation
  • High end filtration
  • Ion Exchange process


Design, construction, and operation of chemical plants

Oil and Gas

Design, construction, and operation of oil and gas process plants


Design, construction, and operation of conventional and nuclear power plants.


Design, construction, and operation of pharmaceutical and life sciences plants

Food and Beverage

Design, construction, and operation of manufacturing plants

Water & Wastewater

Water Treatment is a social and environmental obligation for all industries

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