Integrated system planning with CADISON R23 at the next level

New release of the engineering solution is now available

The introduction of CADISON R23 marks a milestone for plant planning. The focus for the further development of the engineering solution was on improved collaboration in interdisciplinary teams. This is because the way in which collaboration takes place is crucial for the successful and efficient completion of plant engineering projects.

Seamless collaboration is fundamental to success

CADISON can be used for the entire plant life cycle. Nevertheless, the simple exchange of information with project participants who are not working with the engineering solution must already be guaranteed during the planning phase. For example, the designer must be able to easily share the respective project status internally and externally in order to obtain correction suggestions, change requests and approvals. As a basis for the new functions, the CADISON developers have therefore focused on the following challenges during the planning process:

  • How are drawings currently checked internally and externally?
  • What tools are used for this?
  • How time-consuming is the tracking of change requests or review comments at the moment?
  • Is it possible to generate a complete list of all annotations?
  • How does the user know which changes to make?

Based on these problems, CADISON R23 has innovative functions to optimize collaboration between all project participants, decision-makers and clients.

PDF redlining simplifies the review and approval process

With CADISON it is possible to automatically generate PDF redlining files and save them in the CADISON project database. These files are linked to the source drawing and allow all participants to easily add annotations and comments. Changes are saved fully automatically. The return of the PDF files to CADISON ensures a smooth integration of the redlining information. The entire history of the approval process is documented and transparent. The whole process also works with the 3D model.

Additional benefit: Web-based inspection of the 3D model

With the web viewer, CADISON R23 also offers a web-based solution for checking 3D models. Using the web review system, users can easily check 3D models in the browser window, insert redlining graphics and take measurements. Feeding the data back into CADISON simplifies the design process considerably. This is because employees and customers who do not work with CADISON can also check the 3D model of a system and note change requests, which are then fed back into the system.

Improved visualization: CAD-independent 3D graphics preview

A new mechanism extracts and saves the 3D graphics of individual elements in standardized formats. This preview enables a detailed view of 3D models without CAD having to be installed on the end device. This function also provides an overview for project participants who do not work with CADISON and saves time when checking structures and data.

Associative dimensions: Efficient updating of layout drawings

CADISON R23 supports associative AutoCAD dimensions for 3D elements. This function is particularly helpful in layout drawings, as it is automatically updated when the 3D model changes. This significantly reduces the time required to update layout drawings.

DEXPI: Further expansion of the open system architecture

A DEXPI data file contains information about the graphics, component data and process data. Importing such a file results in a complete P&ID in CADISON. Database objects are created automatically, drawing elements are linked to the database objects. In addition to the already available IFC interface and the ERP interface, this is another important step towards cross-system data exchange.

Conclusion: CADISON R23 promotes integrated engineering

CADISON R23 helps to break down silos between different engineering disciplines, improve collaboration and communication and thus make the entire engineering process more efficient and seamless. Integrated engineering is thus decisively supported by the new functions and tools in CADISON R23.

Note: For CADISON R23 release notes, system requirements, set-up files and installation guide, kindly login to Customer Portal or contact us for more detailed release notes.

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