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Bad Soden, August 2014

Improved user experience, advanced features and data management capabilities for efficient project engineering


Dear CADISON Users,

We are pleased to present our latest release CADISON® R14 this month. This new release is packed with numerous user-requested improvements, new capabilities and user-friendly functionalities which will help you to further increase productivity levels significantly.

With CADISON® R14 release, our core functionality has been significantly improved with a focus on usability, improved visualization, extended catalog management and faster report generation.

The major goal of this new release, according to Mr. Ajit Joshi, Managing Director, ITandFactory GmbH was to improve the productivity and efficiency of the project engineering process. "At ITandFactory we are committed to improve project engineering efficiency of our customers" says Ajit. "We sincerely believe that our customers would find CADISON® R14 as a landmark release, its new enhancements will help ensure a much faster delivery and integrated engineering capability making it the best value and best-in-class solution for our customers".

"CADISON® has never been so close to the customer as this version 14.0. We will continue to ensure that CADISON® today and in the future exceeds the requirements of our clientele - and this in an excellent in quality" says Ralf Lehmann, VP - Sales (DACH)

Mr. Stefan Kraus, Head Product development ITandFactory says "The focus of CADISON® R14 is usability, project engineering efficiency and the introduction of new capabilities. Based on customer experience and customer feedback, we've integrated many improvements which increases both usability and efficiency in the daily work. New features introduced in R13 which are well accepted by our customers, have been brought to the next level, the new undo and redo function of CADISON® R14 takes some of the hurdles CADISON® beginners might have, and in R14 we do the first steps for a completely new Catalog Management. With the help of the new extensible replica feature, the concept of master and working catalog, we now provide a functionality which allows our customers to create, distribute and update catalogs in a very easy way. With all these enhancement we can say that R14 is the biggest and best version we ever did."

What's new?

CADISON® Steel Layout Module

The new Steel Layout Module integrates 3D modeling and layout functionality in CADISON®. Customers can now create steel structures required in plant design and easily visualize the plant layout directly in CADISON® instead of using 3rd party solutions. With this module, users can create custom assemblies (editable) such as ladders, staircases, platforms, rails, water tank and generate GA drawings / layout plans and parts lists.

CADISON® Electric-Designer Module

  Cable Sizing Calculations  

With R14, our CADISON® Electric-Designer module has some unique capabilities like cable sizing calculations and wire numbering, which differentiates us from other solutions! This new feature enables users to generate cable sizing calculation report at the calculation stage.

  Cable tray & Accessories  

This feature enables users to create and design complex routing by using CADISON® cable trays capabilities with accessories like Bend, Reducers, Elbows etc.

PID-Designer for Visio®

With the new Undo/Redo feature introduced in R14, its now possible to perform undo/redo of commands (not just graphical corrections, but also with database transactions), significantly improving flexibility and speed.

CADISON® Project-Engineer: Easy project set up & new options at project level

Now it's easier to create project set-up with additional project-level options, e.g., now you can define catalogs, which are intented to be used in a project.

MATPIPE: Extended Replicas

MATPIPE now provides enhanced ability to organizations to define central standardized catalogs to be used across different locations, with flexibility to keep local catalogs in specific variations & update.

CADISON® 3D-Designer

New features and enhancements in our 3D module help in improved visualization, ability to createconstruction sets (2D/3D objects), enhanced isometrics generation etc. further improving project engineering efficiency.

  Integrated Assemblies  

Users can now create an "integrated construction sets" which contains multi-graphic representations (such as P&ID and 3D).

  Visualization of Insulation & Collision areas  

Users can define the color and transparency of the insulation and collision graphics for better 3D graphical representation of an object.

  Object Snap for Insulation representation  

Possibility to select insulation graphics to snap with the objects at the time of placement. New features visualize the markers of insulation graphics for easy selection similar to the selection of base bodies.


Enhancements in CADISON® Core
Lot of enhancements based on customers feedback was incorporated in the CORE modules-PID, 3D, Electric-Designer, Project-Engineer.

Multiple Object selection before invoking commands
Similar to AutoCAD commands users can now select objects before invoking CADISON® commands.

Improved Cartesian Displacement Dialog
Users can now enter target coordinates in the Cartesian displacement dialog.

Easy Report Generation
Report Generation is made easy, new report selection user interface allow users to filter report templates based on formats (word, excel, pdf) languages . User can view the purpose of report and preview of report in UI for quick selection.

Multiple assignments in Tree & Table
Simplified object allocations, drag and drop in the tree / table etc. are now possible. Users can assign multiple objects to single object or single object to multiple objects by simple drag and drop command.

Editing multiple objects in an input form
Users can edit multiple objects in sequence from table eliminating need to invoke "EDIT COMMAND" on each object

Few other key features are mentioned below:

•   New Undo feature to deal with incorrect entries in Object Editor, Inspector, Table & Tree.

•   New Ribbons for better software user interface and easier navigation.

•   Improved container window now available in Project-Engineer, 3D-Designer, P&ID     Designer, Electric-Designer, PID Visio® designer modules.

•   Improved Logic Analyzer

Technical details about CADISON® R14 can be found on our website: www.cadison.com the software is available in our download area.

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