CADISON 3D Designer

Specification driven, Integrated 3D Plant Design & Equipment Engineering Software

CADISON 3D Designer is a complete plant design solution for efficient and advanced creation of plant layouts with piping plans, HVAC duct routings, equipment modeling, steel layouts, Isometric drawings and report generation.

Design Assistants & Integration: The creation of 3D containers (3D vessels & tanks) is made easier with the "Tank Assistant" and the "Nozzle Assistant". It also integrates with CADISON Pipe Support Modeler and CADISON Steel Layout modules for quick secondary support & steel layout creation.

Integration with Interfaces: Import Autodesk Inventor parts or assemblies into CADISON environment seamlessly through Inventor interface and continue pipe routing by automatic creation of nozzle and flange as connection points. CADISON 3D plant design tool is an integrated database driven, multidisciplinary software which automatically generates isometric drawings from 3D models using ISOGEN.

Intergrated 3D Plant

Intelligent creation of P&ID’s using database environment

Multi-disciplinary & Integrated Solution with Centralized Database for Complete 3D Plant Design & Engineering:

  • A rule-based design module for 3D design layout of a plant with optimum space planning. It helps you to build a fully detailed model of all piping systems, HVAC duct routing and equipment layouts based on component catalogs and engineering specifications (materials, media, etc.)
  • CADISON object-oriented technology and single database allows real integration between disciplines. For example, the data generated during the process planning, which entered P&IDs and Project Engineer, can also be used in 3D Designer for further engineering. This also helps in real-time updates and effective change management
  • CADISON 3D Designer integration with various modules, wizards and interfaces (such as pipe support modeler, steel layout and pipe stress analysis software) creates comprehensive 3D plant design environment for all the major plant disciplines thereby improving productivity of all users
  • CADISON 3D Plant model automatically generates piping General Arrangement drawings, isometric drawings and accurate bill of quantities, part list, reports, etc.
  • CADISON provides interfaces with industry standard CAE software’s – CAESER II & ROHR2 for quick and accurate analysis of piping system
  • It allows 3D interference / clash checking (in Navisworks) and configurable rule-based quality control tool ‘Logic Analyzer’ identify errors and inconsistencies across the design
  • Integrated Report Generator enables users to generate various types of reports (valve lists, equipment lists, measurement lists, etc.)

Equipment layout

Effective Space Planning and Equipment layouts with CADISON 3D Designer:

  • Equipment layouts can be planned by accessing existing models from equipment suppliers. CADISON 3D Designer imports models through CAD interfaces such as Inventor (.sat), native AutoCAD (.dwg) or Solidworks for layout design
  • CADISON intelligently creates additional objects such as nozzle and flange to use as connection points to continue pipe routing
  • Users can create accurate 3D design of process equipment and skid units with all attribute data behind for accurate documentation/reports
  • Users can also take equipment or pipeline data/information from P&ID or Plant structure through simple Drag & Drop and insert them in 3D model for further engineering
  • It’s easy to use design assistant helps user to create and place equipments such as 3D tank and vessels. It include intelligent connection points with associated items (viz. piping, nozzle, instruments and electrical systems) for complete pipeline planning
  • CADISON 3D designer integrates with Catalog Manager (Matpipe) for 3D parametric catalog components (gaskets, flanges, pumps, etc.). Designers select, place and auto-route components for quick 3D model creation
  • 3D model created can be used for creating pipeline plans and isometric drawings simultaneously. Users can automatically extract General arrangement drawings, bill of quantity and also do connectivity or clash checks
  • CADISON Equipment Simplifier (powered by CADfix) enables users to reduce the file size of imported equipment models, giving our users more manageable equipment models for integration with the CADISON plant design solution. Users can continue with plant design in CADISON independent of the CAD system used by their manufacturing departments


Equipment Modeling with bi-directional Inventor interface

  • 3D parts from Autodesk Inventor can be imported to CADISON 3D Designer
  • CADISON intelligently creates additional objects such as nozzle and flange to use as connection points to continue pipe routing
  • Complex assemblies can be quickly and easily converted into CADISON
  • Connection type "pipe with flange" is supported
  • Provides facility to import, validate & modify the invalid connection points of the imported model
  • "CADISON export" Inventor plug-in is available for suppliers using the Inventor Environment
  • Built-in intelligence to verify association between object, XML file and SAT file exported from Inventor
  • Search feature is available to display the list of all existing Inventor imported objects in a drawing
  • The update function simplifies handling in CADISON 3D updates in Inventor original model
  • Exports Inventor iProperties to CADISON Objects

Create custom (non-standard) pipe supports

Standard Pipe Support and Secondary Supports Library

  • A wizard for pipe support allows a user to create different types of predefined supports during the data entry stage (for e.g. offset, orientation and industry validations)
  • Supports created using ‘Create Support’ wizard are constructible and erectable.
  • Auto-linking to standard support helps easy identification of associated secondary support in the isometric drawing
  • Automatic Hookup drawing feature helps in generating production drawings of a selected type of support.
  • It also enables the users to create non-standard pipe supports manually using steel profiles (beam/columns). This also enable to convert a standard pipe support to custom pipe support by adding/removing the required/unwanted profiles from the standard pipe-supports created using 'Assistant for Pipe-Support' wizard
  • The CADISON report function "support list" is available to the users

2D Extractions

Automatic 2D Extractions (GA Drawings, Isometrics) form 3D Model:

  • CADSION supports industrial standard ISOGEN to create isometrics. All pipelines designed in 3D Designer can be automatically transformed into fabrication isometrics in one single operation
  • Users can deliver 3D pipeline image (real view) of the pipe in isometric view for construction site; beneficial during erection of complex pipelines
  • CADISON provides flexibility to the users to customize isometric views/templates as per the requirement
  • Simultaneous creation of isometrics and Piping General Arrangement drawings.
  • Equipment layouts & construction drawings (with Vessel details, Nozzle orientation, etc.)
  • Easy drag and drop of ‘Section View’ from CADSION tree in to paper space helps to create multiple sections for viewing 3D model in 2D view.
  • Easy insertion of system generated symbols (pipe end cut, insulation and flow direction) for better visualization of GA drawings


Auto routing for Efficient Space Planning

Custom Assembly of Steel Objects

Design Assistants for Equipment Modeling

Automatic Isometrics Creation with ISOGEN

Clash Detection

Integrated Report Generator

  • CADISON Autorouter

    The CADISON Autorouter decisively facilitates the graphical representation of pipelines. For instance, CADISON automatically adds the correct flanges, seals and bolts when taking a valve from the schematic. Moreover, the required reducers are set automatically.

  • Tank and Nozzles Assistant

    Rapid and easy placement of tanks, pipe sections and intelligent pipe nozzles. Further requirements like sectional views, elevations and Isometric drawings are generated automatically

  • Custom Assembly of Steel Objects

    Add on menu in Inventor will assist the users in exporting Inventor part or assembly file into SAT and XML format. The interface has a provision to define connection points on planar face of any shape in Inventor as well as in CADISON import wizard. This gives a user the ability to import objects with / without the connection points.

  • Automatic Isometrics Creation with ISOGEN

    CADISON supports the recognized industrial standard ISOGEN and provides isometrics in this format. It is possible to transform all pipelines designed by CADISON 3D Designer into fabrication isometric in one operation.

  • Collision Tests

    CADISON supports the visualization & clash detection tool Navisworks. This tool makes it easy to detect possible planning errors at any time and at an early stage so that project implementation is not jeopardized.

  • Integrated Report Generator

    CADISON 3D Designer have built-in configurable report generator for automatic extractions of reports, BOM, etc. For example, flange and pipeline lists or even selective material evaluation documents can be prepared for individual construction stages.


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