The IFC Interface - Empowering Your Plant Projects for BIM Compatibility and Maintain Global Competitiveness.

In today's Plant Engineering landscape, the demand for BIM-compatible solutions is rising. Major corporations within the industrial sector, particularly those specializing in Plant Engineering, are increasingly seeking planning and graphic design data formatted in BIM from the outset.

IFC: A fundamental building block for BIM in Plant Engineering – The IFC interface simplifies the exchange of critical data among stakeholders involved in the planning and design of complex Plants. Its impact extends beyond mere Plant layout design, encompassing diverse disciplines crucial in Plant Engineering.

Optimized Collaboration through CADISON: Empowering BIM Integration with IFC Interface
Ensure a smooth amalgamation of Plant subsystems into comprehensive planning, fostering seamless collaboration among diverse departments/division. The ability to exchange planning and graphic design data seamlessly among stakeholders—engineers, architects, specialized professionals, and facility operators—is pivotal. These collaborators often work with disparate software solutions, making the IFC interface's software-agnostic nature invaluable.

Works as a bridge between different and incompatible software solutions

IFC's flexibility eliminates the need for strict software requirements. Data integration among diverse Plant disciplines, spanning 3D model and layout, structural steel, and piping design, becomes cohesive and efficient through the IFC interface.

With CADISON the ability to predefine and standardize data imports and exports facilitates streamlined communication across the project lifecycle. This feature simplifies the transfer of crucial, up-to-date information between stakeholders involved in Plant Engineering projects. It empowers Plant engineers and their teams to navigate the complexities of BIM in the realm of industrial Plant design, ensuring streamlined communication and enhanced collaboration among multidisciplinary teams."

This interface is available as an additional module, requiring CADISON 3D Designer for implementation.

Benefits of CADISON IFC module at a glance:

  • Seamless import and export of IFC data in both IFC2x3 and IFC4 formats
  • Project-level customization of basic settings
  • Integration of 3D models with data objects
  • Fast and easy read access that allows the user to only view or read the object data
  • Generation of comprehensive data output reports
  • Flexible IFC file import capability
  • Effortless IFC file creation using CADISON 3D Designer
  • Customizable export configurations with multilingual properties
  • Streamlined revision function for reduced manual efforts
  • Efficient creation of differential Parts lists

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