CADISON Maintenance

An Integrated Solution Designed for an Ideal Life-cycle Management for Plant Maintenance

A tool for Planning, Managing and Documenting Technical Inspection and Notifications, Schedule/Planning of maintenance, repairs and other measures for various objects in plant to maintain the operations efficient and reduce breakdowns. It also includes scheduling and tracking deadlines for the next maintenance after service is completed.

  • All data generated in the design & planning phase e.g., Designation, Equipment tagging, Material name, Order number, Material number, Type number and Manufacturer, etc. can be archived and used in the operational phase – for secure, sustainable plant operations
  • The plant designer can expand and optimize the scope of his services by transmitting the object data, drawings and models to the plant operator for further use
  • Automatic generation of reports and maintenance task lists & dates for technicians. Also, automatic reminder for elimination of defects
  • Its open and simple architecture allows an easy way for further integration of customer specific extensions and plant data
  • It ensures that entire plant lifecycle is documented and can be traced at any point of time
  • Consideration and automatic reminder for order placement in conjunction with the date of test or inspection
  • Improve predictive maintenance techniques, maintain the line operational with a reliable data stream and improve reporting to ensure a healthy bottom line


  • Automatic generation of maintenance dates and lists for service operators
  • Re-usability of data for plant operations and its Life-cycle Management
  • Time and Cost Savings through integrated automation with always up-to-date information
  • Real-time collaboration with increased Productivity
  • Improved Maintenance Data Quality
  • Integration with all other CADISON Modules
  • Harmonization and consolidation of start-up & commissioning - minimize production losses through reduced downtime

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