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Project Planning, Cost Estimation & Engineering Information Management throughout the Plant Design Life Cycle

CADISON Project Engineer

CADISON Project Engineer is a comprehensive solution for Project Costing, Project Set-up & Access Rights, Planning Work Structures, Project Status Reviews and Project Finalization. It is a non-CAD module which enable project leaders to plan, create and monitor the project data without CAD/Graphical software. The ability to create the project work breakdown structure (for different disciplines) in tree format helps in division of a project into smaller, deliverable-oriented components to organize the team's work into manageable sections. Complete capital project structures can be developed during project planning stage. Project cost calculations (up to final tender preparation) is directly possible by entering the commercial values with built-in calculation module. The check-in Check-out capability enable user to work on project from remote location (site). It also has an interface to ERP for procurement management, MS Project for Project Scheduling.

Project Setup

Project Planning, Structuring and Administration Solution

  • CADISON Project Engineer helps the Project Engineer/Manager to plan and conceptualize a specific plant without drafting any drawings
  • It enables a project engineer to define plant areas in a structured way during conceptual engineering by adding all required components (objects) with relationships to the project areas of your plant. Various design parameters (based on process inputs) can be defined during this stage
  • CADISON Tree Structure facilitate in organizing plant areas, drawings and documents in “document groups” in a hierarchical manner
  • The above data is used and supplemented by detail information, if applicable. Data may be further developed and detailed in P&ID-Designer or 3D-Designer concurrently
  • Built-in feature for structured user and project management, permissions and settings allows project leaders to define the project organization structure, roles and responsibilities with appropriate controls

Project Costing

Structured Project Costing with Built-in Cost Estimator:

  • Built-in calculation module for price calculation (assigning list prices, factors, discounts rates, etc.), on-line calculation, quotation, actual price from ERP, delta(%), calculation on the basis of working hours, discipline wise calculation, etc.
  • Structured Cost Estimator in the Project Engineer module automatically picks-up related cost information from the objects (with attribute information from all disciplines)
  • Since our Cost Estimator operates in a tree structure, it is easy to calculate costs at project level and sub-project level (by discipline or by sub-system or as desired by the project manager based on structuring)
  • It is also possible to directly generate cost reports and proposals from the CADISON Project Engineer; which is a big time-saver
  • It also reduces errors and rework when changes are made at the project or object level, as the changed items (with corresponding costs) are automatically updated in the reports

Checkout Checkin of Drawings, Revision Management and Quality checking tool

Integrated system for execution and monitoring the engineering workflow and project progress

  • Project-Engineer provides all the functionalities such as user, revision, workflow management, task container and logical analyzer for effective monitoring of project progress and quality
  • Project-Engineer present the data from the different disciplines such as Process, Piping, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Electrical, Steel Structural, etc. at run time to eliminate the redundancy
  • 100% validated data for dynamic & diversified project groups
  • CADISON Project Engineer Engineer eliminate the need of using redundant systems for data management, workflow management, revision management, etc.
  • Project Engineer has a bidirectional interface with Microsoft Project to plan and track the project status in CADISON Project Engineer as well as in Microsoft Project. This enables project leaders to synchronize the project plan between CADISON and MS Project.
  • Users update the status of task assigned directly in CADISON environment, helping project managers to track and monitor project progress.
  • Non-technical managers /management get visibility into the plant design quickly by creating reports

ERP Interface

Data management and Asset Tagging Solution: Effectively manages and controls the engineering data (graphical/non-graphical) for sharing it with multiple teams, enabling project collaboration without additional administrative burden.

  • Define and manage plant objects (Assets) and attributes by defining your own tagging or industry standard tagging convention
  • Asset Identification and tagging for Power Generation Facilities with KKS standards
  • Maintain the uniformity in Asset Tagging across the plant disciplines objects (Piping systems, equipment’s, etc.) which is synchronized to accurate plant drawings
  • Generate BOM from Projects and Drawings(P&ID’s) and verify the tagging (of as-built drawings)
  • Manage (plant) project documents and deliverables through Project Engineer Tree Structure and built-in PDM system
  • Built-in PDM for document management, no need of separate document management system and added IT infrastructure & administration cost
  • Integrated viewer for viewing of plans and documents (isometrics, piping and instrumentation diagrams, 3D models and construction deliverables)
  • Central and redundancy-free data management with consistent information flow of all project-related data
  • Reduce project collaboration costs and errors by having one central database for all components of a plant design project
  • Bidirectional interface to ERP systems
  • Ability to define report templates, generate report at project, logical plant, drawings and at object level. Provision to generate multi lingual report with built-in translation facility

Project Archiver

Independent Archiving and Screening of Data and Documents

  • The CADISON Archiver allows you to swap and archive completed projects from the CADISON production environment
  • The CADISON Archiver makes it possible to export and compress the database automatically. Which in turn extract documents created during the project from the CADISON database to a neutral format so that they are available to all persons involved and interested parties
  • Archive-Browser can be used for assessment of information, definition of search criteria, inquiries and viewing of drawings
  • Archiver is used as a knowledge management platform (ideas and conceptions) and re-usability of already existing projects
  • It is possible to reactivate the project easily to continue work on archived project or reuse the project


Project Set-up and Structuring

Project Set-up and Structuring

Project Set-up and Structuring

Cost Estimation and Bid Management

Project Set-up and Structuring

Independent Report Generator

Archiving, Re-Activating and Searching

Archiving, Re-Activating and Searching

  • Quick Project Set-up

    A tree structure is a way of representing the hierarchical nature of a project set-up and tasks. Objects added in a drawing can be visualized under the drawing structure along with relationship between the objects. The “structure views” filter to organize the objects logically, graphically to filter the required objects of interest.

  • Cost Estimation and Bid Management

    Ability of creating complete project structure with commercial information at pre-project /early stage of project and capability to generate estimates (using report generation capability) enable users to generate tender documents with limited efforts. Ability to manage revision of generated reports enable user to manage version of tender documents.

  • Independent Report Generator

    All data prepared with CADISON Project Engineer can be extracted with integral report generator in most different forms and formats. All reports can be revised and have release mechanisms. Reports are directly stored within the CADISONProject

  • Archiving, Re-Activating and Searching

    Direct access to reports, schematics, installation plans etc. generated before is possible through the CADISON Archive- Browser.


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