CADISON Project Navigator

The Module for Project Manager and Repair & Maintenance Staff

CADISON Archiver is a tool to store and archive completed CADSION projects. The archieved projects can be quickly and easily viewed with the CADISON Archive browser. The archived projects can be re-imported with just a few clicks.

  • Project (Data) Viewer
  • Access Rights
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Report Generator
  • Asset Management

Intelligent creation of P&ID’s using database environment
  • Project Data Access for all
    CADISON Project-Navigator is the module for viewing of project data within the corporate network. The navigator has been designed for staff members normally not involved in the active planning of a plant but afterwards responsible for operation and maintenance of the plant (i.e. mere data consumers)
  • The CADISON Project-Navigator is an important asset for your plant planning and construction efforts even in relation to the future plant operator.
  • Read-only access rights can be set for ‘View only’ mode for data access
  • Intuitive User interface (same as Project Engineer) allows users to view /filter the required data (drawing, specs., etc.) through object inspector. Data can be viewed /presented in several windows in parallel
  • All data generated within the CADISON modules and available for use within the database are forming the basis of ® the CADISON Project Navigator. Such data might be single object information, schematics, calculations, etc.
  • Integrated Report Generator - All data created with CADISON may be optionally edited through the integrated report generator. Such data might be a list of valves & fittings or a pipeline list. All reports can be revised and have release mechanisms. They are directly stored within the CADISON project. All documents can be delivered automatically as PDF.
  • Asset Management & Maintenance - You can present the complete project digitally as CADISON project to the plant operator. The latter can use the CADISON Project-Navigator for very easy electronic access to all planning data for Asset information and maintenance

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