CADISON Equipment Simplifier

Equipment Simplifier - A customised wizard designed for the automatic simplification of large equipment models

  • CADISON Equipment Simplifier is a standalone product to reduce the file size(s) from different CAD formats with (interactive) manual or auto mode and export the results in DWG format to CADISON
  • Import and export functionality for a variety of CAD formats, solid modeling kernels and data exchange standards (for e.g. DWG, Parasolid, SAT, STEP and JT files.)
  • CADISON Equipment simplifier addresses problem areas in plant layouts such as stairways, platforms, large equipment installations and skid assemblies
  • The solution reduces or removes unwanted geometry, CAD features, invisible internal, and complex parts. (for e.g. small holes, nuts, bolts, protrusions, fillets, etc.)
  • This tool can be run in an (automated) batch process or with manual user interaction for greater control of the layout
  • CADISON Equipment Simplifier can export a (simplified) model in DWG format, which can be imported by CADISON in 3D Designer for space management


  • Improves collaboration with equipment suppliers and avoid CAD rework
  • Remove the features that are not required for plant modeling
  • Automatic hidden (internal) detail removal leads to significant file size reductions (up to 70%).
  • Efficient complexity reduction (up to 90%) of large equipment assembly models, skid assembly, steel assembly, etc.
  • Improves model legibility, system response, memory usage and stability
  • Saves time and get to commissioning faster


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