Interfaces and Integrations with Design, Analysis and ERP Systems

CADISON creates colloborative workspace by integrating with external systems for efficient engineering, therby supplementing the existing investments of customers and keeping Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) low.

CAE software’s – CAESER II

CAE software’s – ROHR2

Compatibility of piping with stress analysis software (CAESER II® & ROHR2)

  • CADISON provides interfaces with industry standard CAE software’s – CAESER II & ROHR2 for quick and accurate analysis of piping system subjected to wide variety of loads taking in to account weight, pressure, thermal, seismic and other static and dynamic conditions based on user defined variables and accepted industry guidelines
  • CAESAR II®-Interface assigns all pipelines designed with CADISON 3D Designer to CAESAR II®. One cii file (neutral interface file) is generated automatically and contains all required information. The file generated in this way is read into CAESAR II® so that stress calculations can be performed
  • CADISON ROHR2-Interface transmits all pipelines designed with CADISON 3D Designer to ROHR2. The NTR file (neutral interface file) is automatically generated and contains all necessary information. The file created in this way is read-in with ROHR2 and the calculations are carried out.
  • Avoids erroneous inputs since no repeated data entry is required
  • Direct and complete data transmission of pipeline systems and components for calculation
  • Use of standardized and acknowledged calculation methods
  • Freely configurable transmission of attributes from CADISON
  • Clear transmission of marking for valves, components, pipelines, fittings and fasteners
  • Automatic transmission of fixing points
  • Transmission of data on exact location of weld seams

Inventor Interface

Inventor Interface for 3D Equipment Modeling

  • Allows users to import the 3D models from Autodesk Inventor into CADISON
  • Provides facility to import, validate & modify the invalid connection points of the imported model.
  • Exports Inventor Properties to CADISON Objects
  • Inventor Modeling: Create Model, Select Object class & Standard, Add/Import connection points, Verify connection points
  • Export to XML: Generate XML & SAT file at user defined path. Built-in intelligence to verify association between object, XML file and SAT file exported from Inventor
  • Import in Designer: Generated XML/ SAT file can be imported in 3D Designer
  • CADISON intelligently creates additional objects such as nozzle and flange to use as connection points to continue pipe routing
  • Complex assemblies can be quickly and easily converted into CADISON
  • Free CADISON export Inventor plug-in is available for suppliers using the Inventor Environment
  • Search feature is available to display the list of all existing Inventor imported objects in a drawing
  • The update function simplifies handling in CADISON 3D updates in Inventor original model

SDNF Interface for Further Detailing

Built-in SDNF (Structural Steel Detailing Neutral File) export interface

  • Users can select steel structures ( graphically or from a list/tree) to export, a preview option to view the selected structures enable user to verify the accuracy of selection of intended structures before exporting them to Tekla.
  • An option to set 'Material Name', 'Profile Name' conversion in a configuration file enables user to map the materials and profiles (of different standards & types) in Tekla and CADISON Steel Layout
  • Extendable to other Structural tools such as Advance Steel SDS/2 etc.
  • Configuration file to map Profiles & Material of different standards & types
Steel Structure Selection
  • Select structure Graphically Or from Table
  • Highlight structure to confirm selection
  • Select export file path
  • SDNF file header
SDNF File Format
  • SDNF file gets generated at user defined path
Export to Tekla
  • Generated SDNF file imported in Tekla


Connecting Engineering with ERP

  • The bidirectional CADISON ERP-Interface combines the ERP and engineering workflow for creation of a highly integrated system.
  • The commercial and the engineering workflow merge into highly integrated system. For instance, orders can be directly released and controlled from the engineering workflow.
  • CADISON provides you with access to the known ERP systems like SAP, Movex, Infor and others for dynamic data exchange via an open ERP Interface
  • Implementation of ERP connection is customer-specific. CADISON is considered here as engineering and product data management desktop. (Project Engineer, Designer, Matpipe modules)
  • The CADISON ERP-Interface establishes the connection between the CADISON objects and the corresponding ERP objects so that transfer and/or synchronization between ERP system and Engineering system is possible.
  • The ERP-Interface establishes the relation to the ERP domains of procurement and maintenance and to the master data
  • Integration with ERP system ensures 100 % data consistency avoiding redundant entries of data in the system
  • In CADISON the desired parts required for release of a procurement or manufacturing order will be determined, selected and sorted according to optional criteria
  • Data will be checked for consistency (catalogue of criteria) with the existing data in the ERP system
  • Components not listed in the ERP master data can be automatically created as project-specific materials

Project Structure with Cost Details

Application Programming Interface (API) for External Access of CADISON Data

  • The CADISON API allows you to integrate your CADISON engineering workflow in your business workflow
  • CADISON API offers you a high rate of flexibility, user can not only get external access (to data), contents, structures, etc. but also dynamic exchange of data/information between two systems
  • New objects can be generated and existing objects can be modified or even deleted
  • Integration of organization specific document management tool with CADISON database is possible with this API
  • Saves existing development/investment done by organization in other tools

CADISON Equipment Simplifier reduces the size and complexity of equipment models up to 90%

A customised wizard designed for the automatic simplification of large equipment models

  • CADISON Equipment Simplifier is a standalone product to reduce the file size(s) from different CAD formats with (interactive) manual or auto mode and export the results in DWG format to CADISON
  • Import and export functionality for a variety of CAD formats, solid modeling kernels and data exchange standards (for e.g. DWG, Parasolid, SAT, STEP and JT files.)
  • CADISON Equipment simplifier addresses problem areas in plant layouts such as stairways, platforms, large equipment installations and skid assemblies
  • The solution reduces or removes unwanted geometry, CAD features, invisible internal, and complex parts. (for e.g. small holes, nuts, bolts, protrusions, fillets, etc.)
  • This tool can be run in an (automated) batch process or with manual user interaction for greater control of the layout
  • CADISON Equipment Simplifier can export a (simplified) model in DWG format, which can be imported by CADISON in 3D Designer for space management


  • Improves collaboration with equipment suppliers and avoid CAD rework
  • Remove the features that are not required for plant modeling
  • Automatic hidden (internal) detail removal leads to significant file size reductions (up to 70%).
  • Efficient complexity reduction (up to 90%) of large equipment assembly models, skid assembly, steel assembly, etc.
  • Improves model legibility, system response, memory usage and stability
  • Saves time and get to commissioning faster



CAESER II Interface


SDNF Interface


Inventor Interface


ROHR2 Interface

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